Who are we?

The history of Kaufland began when Joseph Schwarz entered the Südfrüchte Großhandlung Lidl & Co. at Heilbronn as a shareholder in 1930, which was then renamed Lidl & Schwarz KG. In subsequent years it was the aim of the company to expand its range and become a food wholesale.

Today Kaufland is a hypermarket chain, part of the Schwarz Gruppe which also owns Lidl and Handelshof. It opened its first store in 1984 in Neckarsulm and quickly expanded to become a leader in what was formerly West Germany. The chain operates in over 1,000 stores in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and starting this year even Australia.

Its huge portfolio offers endless options for development including in the vast world of IT.

What are the most important things for us in Kaufland Service? They are three actually – the stable market, the best technological solutions and structured methodologies. We are one of the biggest SAP users in the whole world, working in full synergy with our German colleagues aiming to deliver meaningful results to our internal clients.

We support the huge Schwarz group with IT development solutions in the areas of Mobile, ABAP, UI5, Java, SharePoint and BI. We have very strong Infrastructure administration with teams working in the areas of SAP Basis, Database Administration, Integration Technologies, Backup & Recovery and Hadoop while at the same time our Application Support teams are ever growing. We have two wonderful offices in the outer center of Sofia and number more than a 100 people.

Areas of Expertise







Our Culture

As an international trading company, we focus on results, dynamics and correct attitude. These are the values that motivate us. They are based on our model of governance. So we make the changes possible and achieve our goals. Learn more and discover what motivates us.

Our company values

Our company values ​​are leading principles that shape our behavior. They guide our understandings, decisions and actions every day. They define what is important to us and which motivates us.

Achieved results are the foundation of our success. It requires action, purposefulness, courage and passion. This applies to each individual employee and to the entire team.

Dynamics is the power by which we refine the already achieved good results and create something new. It is the basis for readiness and the ability to change, as well as the decisive assumption of responsibility. Through it, we are getting better in applying innovations.

Propriety is based on respect. It is a solid foundation of our mutual work based on mutual trust. Through it we consistently achieve our goals.

Our leadership guidelines as a promise to our employees

Our leadership model “High Five!” Follows our principles and values ​​of working together in the company, regardless of hierarchy. These principles are our commitment and at the same time a promise to our employees.
Governance is a key task for every supervisor and is part of our everyday work. All of us in Kaufland Service pursue the same goal that goes beyond the team and the hierarchical levels. With clever leadership, we ensure unified principles of collaborative work for everyone in the company. Our managers perceive themselves as part of the team and put the overall success in the foreground.