Kaufland Service IT HUB is a partner of the International Datathon 2020

Kaufland Service IT HUB will challenge the participants in the prestigious International Datathon 2020 – Data Science Hackathon, with a real case from the work of the technological company. The event will be online – from 15 to 17 of May and it will it supported by our IT HUB.

The participants will have a chance to create a predictive model of supply management, which will facilitate the work of the central warehouse, while reducing the volume of discarded goods in stores. All participants will work with a data which is close to the real business and they will need to find a solution based on AI while using different programming languages. For 48 hours all the teams will have to propose a decision of the challenge. If some of the solutions work out they will be implemented into the working process.

The initiative is organizing by Data Science Society – Bulgarian volunteer community of experts in data processing, modeling and analysis. For the third year in a row Datathon is held internationally. Its latest edition, which took place in four places – Sofia, Bangalore, Jaipur and Beirut, included more than 140 participants. On the final was our country with 4 teams and Lebanon with 2.