18 student projects received awards in the second exhibition of student projects TUES Fest at the Technological School “Electronic Systems” (TUES) at the Technical University of Sofia, which took place on 20 April 2019. The event was attended by 1,000 people attending demonstrations of 70 technological developments created by 150 students from the 8th to the 12th grade in the school. The winners of the first prizes in the categories Computer Networks, Software and Embedded Systems and Robotics were determined by an on-site e-voting system, also created by students from TUES

Two 12-grade students received Kaufland IT Hub special prizes – Angel Jachev for his system for protection against hacker attacks and Boyan Karatovev for the automated software vulnerability protection system in Linux. The company also awarded Readability, which translates text into a braille created by Angel Penchev, Boyan Ivanov and Simeon Georgiev from the 10th grade, and Todor Dimitrov and Ilian Tanchev from the 12th grade in TUES.